Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little moves

Today is Earth Day, and I needed to go grocery shopping. It was one of those trips where we were out of EVERYTHING, and so I bought a lot of food. Now, I do have a few green bags, but of course have yet to truly organize myself to have them 1.) together; and 2.) in the car. Publix had these special Earth Day bags on promotion so that they cost $ .80 a bag. Eighty cents -- that's nothing! Since I'd been meaning to do this long ago, of course I bought some.
I was amazed and thrilled at the amount of stuff you can fit into the bags! Look at this!

Normally, this haul would take a ton of plastic bags and even the paper bags are not very strong (and whenever I ask for paper, the cashiers and baggers look at me like I'm a pain in the ass). These re-useable bags are super-strong and durable, and can be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle and air dried when necessary. Perfect. I just emptied them, folded them flat, and put them back into the car trunk.
I also bought some pretty Spring tulips, and the cashier gave me some special paper pads with wildflower seeds in them, for the boys to plant. Very nice!


Sandy said...

I love your bags, and look at you and your healthy sun chips! :)
You know, I was a cashier in a grocery store for years when I was in highschool and university. I used to love that job because:
a) I love to people watch, and
b) I could see what said people were buying and cooking that week

So, what else do you have in those bags?

Lisa said...

I can imagine! I love people-watching, too!
I'll take a pic for you :).

Anonymous said...

I see you used the proper tulip vase :)